The Universal RAwinsonde
OBservation program

Skew-T Diagram

Example of a Skew-T Diagram

RAOB is the world's most powerful and innovative sounding software. Automatically decodes data from over 100 different formats and plots data on 12 interactive displays including skew-Ts, hodographs, & cross-sections. Produces displays of over 200 atmospheric parameters including icing, turbulence, wind shear, clouds, inversions and more. Its modular design permits tailored functionality to thousands of customers in over 90 countries. XP/Vista/Win7/8/10 compatible.

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RAOB 6.8 is now available

Each month a different RAOB module goes on sale. Sale announcements are only made on the monthly Newsletters and Facebook page.

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RAOB 6.9 Beta will soon begin.